Comparing conveyancers?

Are you comparing us to a local solicitor?

If you are comparing quotes from a number of different companies, you are probably looking at a local high street solicitors too.

If so, we’ve created a handy checklist you can use to compare our service to other firms – helping you to make up your own mind.

Typical High Street Solicitor

Fixed Fee

We offer a fixed fee quotation – what you see is what you pay unless your instructions change during the transaction. We don’t want you to have any surprises when you come to pay the final bill.

Traditional solicitors can typically charge you by the hour so you can never be certain what the final bill might look like. Sometimes even letters of correspondence are itemised on your final bill.

24/7 Case Tracking

Our exclusive Case Management System means that you can keep track of how things are going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can see the progress of your case visualised, with the items of work left to do shown. There’s an app for your phone too, so you don’t need a laptop or PC. Simply take photos of the documents needed and upload them to our portal. Simple!

High street firms generally work traditional office hours, and may not have the technology to allow you to see all of your documents stored in one place. You may also face delays while you wait for documents to be posted out to you, and then you posting them back in return.

Conveyancing Specialists

My Premier Conveyance are specialists in this field – this is all that we do, so we are better placed to help you with specialist knowledge and without any other distractions.

Local firms might cover all types of legal advice and won’t necessarily be exclusively dealing with buying and selling houses. Your solicitor may also have to take days out of the office to appear in court for other cases, leading to delays.

No Need To Visit

As we are a Nationwide remote conveyancing operation you never need to visit our offices. You can manage your move exclusively through our case management on your smart phone, tablet or PC – meaning a lot less paperwork and delays while things are posted.

Traditional firms still rely upon documents being posted or office visits meaning a trip into town, parking charges and a fixed time to have a meeting.

UK's Largest Conveyancing Firm

We are the fastest growing conveyancing company in England and Wales and have completed transactions in every postcode area. We’ve probably helped more people buy and sell properties in your area than your local solicitors themselves.

Conveyancing may be only one of the services offered, there may be distractions and delays as they work on a variety of other aspects of law – including court appearances.

Does your quote include Stamp Duty (SDLT)?

Our quote includes Stamp Duty Land Tax – that is, the tax on properties bought in England and Northern Ireland. We pride ourselves on having no hidden fees, so this means the quote we provide to you will be the FINAL bill you pay us, including Stamp Duty. (Our quote only changes if your instructions change).

Check your quote to ensure this is listed. It could make your quote look a lot less if it isn’t – however it is something you will be charged for on your final bill.

Do they offer a No Move, No Fee guarantee?

We offer a No Move, No Fee guarantee. This means that you do not pay us any legal fees if the transaction falls through. If you have already paid for searches, we will honour searches free of charge on an alternate property you may decide to buy when you return to use our services.

Ask them – what happens if the transaction falls through? Will you still be liable to pay their legal fees? The last thing you want is to end up with a legal bill for a move that didn’t complete.

Will there be assistants, juniors or paralegals working on your case?

All of our team are either solicitors, licensed conveyancers or legal professionals who have many years of experience. These are the only people who will be working on your property transaction, meaning decisions can be made and advice given without delay.

Quite often, your case work may be completed by trainees, assistants, juniors or paralegals while the qualified solicitor is dealing with other legal cases or even appearing in court for other clients. This could lead to delays on your transaction.

Premier Conveyance is the fastest growing residential conveyancing law firm in the UK and work in partnership with over 200 conveyancers. Our combined experience levels amount to thousands of years. 

Although this has no impact on your quotation, please note that we also carry out conveyancing transactions which are referred to us by various third parties, who are often paid a referral fee for making the recommendation. The amount of the referral fee varies, but the average is £100.00